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Unleashing Your Brand's Power Surge with Unrivaled Strategy

Creating a logo that sizzles is one thing. Making a connection that sends shockwaves through your customer base is a whole other ball game. At Hang Ten Creative Agency, we don't just help you craft an appealing aesthetic - we guide you in unleashing a brand experience that resonates at every touchpoint of your business. Our mission? To forge your visual voice that magnetically draws the right tribe to your brand. It all begins with a tidal wave of a brand experience, and sure, we'll ride that wave and create an electrifying logo, website, & more while we're at it.
Seth Godin once said, "A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another."
We're here to make sure your brand isn't just chosen - it's remembered.
Crafting a brand experience that ripples through every aspect of your business. Your brand is your story. Let’s pen a tale that sets the world on fire!

Logo & Graphic Design:
Be The Storm In A Sea Of Sameness

Hang Ten Creative Agency believes in making a splash. With our logo and graphic design services, you won't just be riding the waves - you'll be creating them. We know your brand is unique, and that's why we craft one-of-a-kind logo designs that do more than just look good - they send ripples across your market landscape.
Branding is our compass, guiding us to create designs that are not only eye-catching but are strategic masterpieces. We equip you with a creative arsenal complete with high-res logo files in every imaginable variation, layout, and color code to resonate with your brand guide. And yes, you even get the original Art File - because we believe your logo belongs to you.
Need us for more graphic design projects down the line? We're here, rooting for you, ready to unleash another design tsunami when you need it.
Rise above the ordinary with a bespoke, impactful logo that mirrors your brand's essence while drawing in your target audience. It's time to make waves with a logo that turns heads and marks territories.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Web Design:Unleash Your Digital Potential

At Hang Ten Creative Agency, we don't do cookie-cutter. Our web design mantra is custom-crafted, deliberate, and dynamic. We dive into the depths of your unique business needs and emerge with a strategy that's tailor-made, never forced into a one-size-fits-all theme or template. Beginning with the skeletal wireframes, we construct a digital space that encapsulates the essence of your brand, optimizing the user experience and making every visitor feel like they've caught the perfect wave.
Your website isn't just a virtual business card - it's your digital handshake, your first impression, your welcome mat. Let's ensure it's one hell of a firm grip.
Dive into a web design that's custom-built, meticulously crafted, and supremely functional. Your website is your digital handshake - let's make them never forget it!

Dive Deep With Our Start-Up Sprint Packages

Looking to make a splash with your start-up? You've come to the right place. Hang Ten Creative Agency is the branding surfboard for start-ups ready to ride the waves to recognition. We get it - as entrepreneurs, we understand the urgency to get your brand and site out there, pulling in your future customers (and, let's face it, future friends) like a powerful rip current.
Don't dip your toes - plunge straight in with our Start-Up Sprint! Sign up for our one-week, high-octane brand intensive workshop that will leave you with a custom logo and a fully functional website. It's like a surf camp for your brand, with you emerging as a pro ready to conquer the branding waves.

Brand Consulting:
Your Lifeguard in the Branding Seas

Feel like you're lost at sea with your brand strategy? Hang Ten Creative Agency is your lighthouse, never letting you drift into obscurity. If you're seeking a continual outsourced relationship for your brand strategy - a beacon to guide your business to uncharted territories of success - ask about our monthly check-ins!
Like a steady wave rhythm, these strategic meetings will keep your brand on the course, empowering you to hit your business and brand goals with the precision of a seasoned surfer. Your brand doesn't have to be a lone sailboat in the vast ocean - with us, you're part of a fearless fleet, navigating the waters of business with confidence.

Host a Brand Workshop:
Unleash the Tsunami of Ideas!

Get ready to ride the crest of creativity with our invigorating Brand Workshops! At Hang Ten Creative Agency, we believe in the power of brainstorming – the sheer force of ideas that crash onto the shores of your business strategy. Consider us your next seminar or event's keynote speaker to highlight the significance of brand strategy and how it can rocket-boost your business into the stratosphere.
We don't just talk – we plunge into the depths, exploring what makes you an outlier in your industry through guided breakout sessions and roundtable discussions. Whether you're inviting us to the relaxed setting of your company's coffee table, or a bustling industry conference, we thrive on sharing our knowledge – shaping it, bending it, and forming it into something you can ride all the way to success. Catch our wisdom wave – it's yours to ride, fast and far!

Catch the Small Waves Strategy Class:
An Online Mini Series & Interactive PDFs

Coming Soon
Keen to test the waters before taking on the gnarly breaks? Our Small Waves Strategy Class is the perfect start. This laid-back online mini-series, complemented by interactive, downloadable PDFs, gives you the lowdown on the fundamentals of brand strategy. We get it; a full brand build can feel like a massive wave towering overhead. But at Hang Ten, we're all about ensuring no one's left treading water.
Discover insider tips ranging from establishing visual consistency to harmonizing fonts and all the nitty-gritty details in between. Consider this your surf lesson - it'll get you on your board, primed and ready to carve up the big waves when you're ready.
And remember, you won't be riding solo. We'll be on the shore, hooting and cheering for you every step of the way! So, ready to paddle out and catch your first wave?
Coming soon! Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for the latest updates.
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